Masking issue with Tru-Color paint - looking for some suggestions.

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I would be interested in the article when you get home.


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I wrote an article for RMC a couple years on using styrene to reinforce resin house cars like Don suggests. But rather than trying to cut the piece of styrene exactly the width and length needed, I cut one maybe 3/8" wider than needed and 1/8" shorter. Then cut that piece on a diagonal from one end to the other starting about 1/4" down from one corner and 1/4" up from the opposite end. The results in two pieces somewhat like triangles.

Once your resin "box" is done, glue one of the "triangle" about halfway from the top to the bottom of the car with the long end butted up against one end. Then glue the other triangle in place...because the width of the original rectangle was more than the interior width of car, the pieces of styrene will overlap. Glue them together at the joint and the result will be a tight seal a on all four sides. 

Difficult to explain without photos...if anyone wants a copy of my short article, let me know and I'll email it to you Tuesday. (We are out of town until late Monday.)

Jack Burgess

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Say fellows, waht is the matter with using som .040 styrene cut to the size you need for bracing?

Certainly we have the ability to cut square corners for it and it can be made to any width or height one

needs for given model to account for the varying thickness of teh sides, varying heights and such. And

for masking how about a thinner width tape and paper like the collision shops use on automobiles?


Cordailly, Don Valentine

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