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Alex Schneider

I come pretty close:

Take the inside diameter (7') divided by 2 (3.5') and square it (12.25 sq ft.). Multiply that result by pi = 3.14. (38.48 sq. ft). Multiply this by one foot (38.48 cu ft per foot of length) and multiply this by 7.48 gal/ cu ft to get 287.86 gallons per foot of length. For 27 feet, this equals 7772 gallons. However, if the inside diameter were only 6' 6" the capacity would drop to 6702 gallons.

Alex Schneider

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I am trying to determine the capacity of UTL 13182, a type X built in
1906 at the Milton plant of AC&F. The tank (scaling from the photo)
is about 7' diameter and a tad less than 27' long.

       My calculation method requires knowing the length of the cylindrical part of the tank, exclusive of heads. But on the basis of your numbers, it is 7980 gallons. My method is shown in this blog post, if you're interested.

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