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Jim Hayes

Bill, as an aside to your aside, I spent a Summer in St.Paul working for a vinegar company.  The task one day was to unload a boxcar full of used whiskey barrels. It was a very hot day and the fumes in that box car were something special to a 19 year old.


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During the period you mention the only two counties in Tennessee where it was legal to distill spirits were Moore and Coffee. I grew up in Coffee where Dickle (sp? ) was revived in the late 50's early 60's. Tullahoma, the town I grew up in, was on the NC&StL. I am not sure if Moore County was served by rail. I have a very nice photo from the L&N Archives of one of the L&N's Pratt trussed SS box cars with the door open revealing a load of barrels, which I assume was destined for one of the many distilleries in Kentucky. Tennessee Central would not have served Tennessee distilleries.

As an aside, my family's male & female Airdales lived in two used charcoal lined Jack Daniels barrels that my father purchased in Lynchburg as the barrels could only be used once.

Bill Welch

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