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Lettered it for EIEX ("Entirely Imaginary Equipment Corporation") to keep the Prototype Police at bay. Numbered it 110412 for the date of my accident.

An imperfect car, but perfect for my needs at the time.

My two cents....

T. P. Devenny
East Norriton, PA

A number of years ago Tom did another EIEX car, which usually runs in (imaginary) express service from Pittston (where Tom usually works on my DL&W) to Hoboken. Pittston being in Pennsylvania mining country he usually handles several of the T-M  hoppers loaded with anthracite coal. A couple of these were offered by the ARHS many years ago, and I decaled a bunch more--they look good with the big "LACKAWANNA" on the sides. Even if they aren't exactly correct.
Back about '73, I acquired a bunch of the "X-29s" which I promptly painted black and decalled for the LNE, one of my favorite roads, and a few for my NJN, which is similar to the LNE scheme. Some of these are still in service, but I did a couple of things to improve their appearance---thinned down or replaced the roof walk and added ne A Line stirrups. They don't even look too bad next to the Red Caboose/Intermountain ones.
Jim  Dalberg

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