Re: Speaking of Departed companies : Train-Minature


    Each of us has our own opinion of the old Train-Miniature line and that's just fine. I believe it was the winter of 1968-1969 when I rode over to Arnie Doucetts's East Boston Hobby Shop and some had arrived. Ads had been seen for a month of more but this was the first reall look at the cars. To me they were great because the offered a choice of somehting other than the standard Athearn Blue Box or the standard MDC car with their clunky cast underframes that I never particularly cared for. I purchased an outside braced Rock Island boxcar, a double sheathed boxcar and a wood sheathed reefer that evening and was very pleased with the addition to the variety of my car fleet that they provided. Unlike other folks I have hung onto mine and began acquiring them direct through Ted Hollow's Balboa Model Distributors. They sold well, too. But what I remember most from those years is what a really decent supplier Ted Hollow was for me to work with. He was always found to be very accommodating as I have noted before on this list. Ultimately Balboa Model Distributors was sold out to the Vier brothers  California Hobby Distributors which I guess has now been gone for some years as well.

All these folks may be gone but Ted Hollow will not be forgetten here because he will always be remembered as a wonderful fellow to conduct business with.


Just my two bits worth, Don Valentine

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