Re: Capacity of UTL 13182

David Allen

First, many thanks for the help. I have downloaded the USRA Circular 6-0 and the Tank Car Handout (as upgraded). And the reference to
is quite helpful.

And I, too, had calculated the gal capacity; initially based on 6'10 OD and 26.38' length. Then I noticed it should have been 6.1' (oops).  And then I wrote the letter with "almost 7'" - more oops. John mentioned that I did say "almost" - well, with a 14% error that hardly is "almost" - unless I was playing horseshoes or grenades.

This turned out to be a far greater learning experience for me than I anticipated - many thanks, all. I shall use 6,457gal. (or about 6,500gal.) for the capacity.

Be well.  Dave A.

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