Re: Jim Beam whiskey shipments

Charles Peck

I can assure you that if it says Kentucky Bourbon, there was no "out of state" involved.
From water to bottled product, Kentucky is particular about what you drink, unlike those
states that only make whiskey, not Bourbon. 
You can confirm at Jim Beam, American Stillhouse or at the Bourbon Trail websites,
if you are of drinking age.  
(Is there anyone here not long past that age?)
Chuck Peck, born and raised in Bourbon country. 

---In STMFC@..., <rod@...> wrote :
I recall a show on the Discovery channel about whiskys.
Discussing Jack Daniels, the show pointed out that the
distillery just distilled, and the resultant product
was transported elsewhere, possibly by a STMFC, and possibly
out of state for aging. Don't recall where the bottling
was done. Jim Beam may have done the same if the reason
was local laws.
Rod Miller
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