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Originally TM cars came with spring trucks. Their detail was much better than those from Athearn or Roundhouse, and arch bar, Andrews and "Bettendorf" types were offered. I don't remember one-piece trucks. The sprung trucks were offered Walthers' ownership. I still have some of these on my equipment, all with Kadee wheels. The sprung trucks are particularly useful as caboose trucks with the old Walthers leaf spring replacements.

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At 10:13 PM 5/15/2014 -0400, you wrote:

>One thing I absolutely hated about the Train Miniature cars were the
>trucks and wheel sets. It seemed to me they collected more dirt than any
>other set of wheels. I loved the detail of the trucks but they needed to
>be reamed out to fit their own axles.

I put Kadee trucks on many of my TM cars. They were pricey but worth the
trouble. IIRC the TM cars had all plastic trucks - one piece molded
wheel/axle combo, in a plastic sideframe. I think the delrin-on-delrin
friction must have generated quite an electrical charge that attracted crud
of all kinds.

When I started running wet track in the late 1970s, the amount of crud
buildup on wheels was reduced considerably, but the plastic wheels always
seemed to get the worst of it.


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