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See WESTERN PACIFIC COLOR GUIDE TO FREIGHT AND PASSENGER EQUIPMENT by Jim Eager (Scotch Plains, NJ: Morning Sun Books, Inc., 20010. On page 62 there is nice 3/4 view in full color of WP 75656 taken in 1945. Note that the prototype has openings between the boards on the ends just below the roof line, unlike the RC model which IIRC represents an R-40-9 or R-40-10. Westerfield offered the WP car with the correct ends.

While the SP S-40-8 class upon which the WP car is based is an evolution of the Harriman design, it is something of a misnomer since these were built in 1924-1925. That's considerably past Mr. Harriman's somewhat cushy lifetime. :~)

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Since Richard Hendrickson did a clinic a few years ago on improving RTR models
I have been looking for a Red Caboose Western Pacific Harriman stock car. I of course
wanted to du[plicate Richard's efforts. I finally found one and it arived yesterday.
Now I find that I do not have a photo of the prototype WP car. I don't recall seeing one
while scanning Bob's photos at Naperville. If anyone has a source please let me know.

I am loking for the version that had not been converted to a double deck.

Thanks in advance for any help:

Bill Pardie

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