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If we replaced engineers with scientists in those committees, we'd still not have any models that would work outside the lab they were created, but the elegance of those models would be astounding. TIC.

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Being an engineer, one saying is that if you put 12 engineers in a room, you'll find 13 opinions - because one of them will always be changing his mind....

I know a manager who felt the quickest way to get consensus from his engineers was to schedule the final meeting in the most uncomfortable conference room he could find...

But then in the defense of engineers, several aspects of engineering are as much art as the normal rigors of mathematics and the physical sciences.

This becomes quite evident when reviewing the various publications and test reports from prototype STMFC engineers during the transition from plain journal bearings to roller bearings, which this group has discussed extensively....

In a perhaps similar manner, just as the modern model manufacturers are setting the "standard" for wheelsets, Timken set the standard for the modern freight car wheel bearing - in part by licensing the design to the other manufacturers.

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Jon Miller wrote:

      Sure. I've served on engineering standards committees myself. But it usually takes some tough negotiation to get the job finished.
      Of course I realize Jon is being humorous. But I would not want there to be any misunderstanding about the reasonableness of engineers.  

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