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I have Gene Green’s book, Refrigerator Car Color Guide published by Morning Sun, and it contains color photos of five Cudahy meet reefers taken between 1957-1961. These are all post-war cars with road numbers 5802, 6057, 6067, 6270, and 6766. All of these cars have six door hinges per side. I’ve never seen a color photo of a prototype Cudahy reefer with four door hinges per side. Could you share some with the group?


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Hi folks,


     Some have asked about colors and such of the special run of Cudahy meat reefers New England Rail is having done by Atlas so I'll respond to everyone here. The car sides are reefer yellow with a brown roof and ends. Lettering on the sides is black while that on the ends is white.  A pkhoto of teh prototype can be found in Doug Harding's photo section. When first introduced in 2003 Atlas offered the car in two different Cudahy billboard paint designs but have never gone any further with Cudahy paint. Thus this will be the first time the car has been offered in the standard Cudahy post WW II paint design, which was simply the colors stated and simple lettering in black on the car sides much like most other packers in the postwar years. The car, as least when first constructed in 1925, was built specifically for Cudahy and is a standout with its 36 ft. length and the odd use of only four door hinges per side rather than the usual six. In twenty years of researching meat reefers I have never found any other packer that used these cars. Thus I wonder if any of the other paint and lettering designs Atlas has used on this model are really accurate. I'd be interested in learning of other possible users of this same basic car with the four hinges per side. 


      In any case, thank you to those of you who have taken advantage of our pre-production pricing, The deposit has been sent to Atlas, a sample car is expected about 1 August and the completed cars are expected in November. For those who still wish to take advantage of our pre-production pricing the cost is $34 per car plus $5 shipping for one car of $8 for two for all orders postmarked not later than 31 May. Thereafter the cars will be $45 each. Two car numbers are being produced, with one car number ending with a "3" and the other a "6" so that they might be easily changed to an "8" or a "0" for those who want more than two car numbers.  


    Again, my thanks to those who have already ordered their Cudahy meat reefer(s).


Cordially, Don Valentine

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