Re: Are conductor's lists of interest?

A&Y Dave in MD

Good to hear the value is not just in my eyes. I have a monopod and 35mm dSLR with remote trigger for my next visit to the national archive ICC valuation stacks. I imaged nearly all the Atlantic & Yadkin annual reports back in 2000 with a Coolpix 950 handheld and quality/lighting created problems then. I don't have server space for large, archival images, so I thought transcription would make the info more accessible. I appreciate transcription error; the handwritten pencil is not always easy to decipher! It's always a trade off, sigh.

Thanks for feedback. I'll let you all know when I have something to share.

An example of what I found: average carloads were lower than I realized: 7-15 tons. A regular meat reefer was interchanged between Southern and A&Y and it was always Kingan. I got happy seeing recent Kingan reefer four-pack , only to realize they were postwar paint scheme and most built in late 30's early 40's--too new.


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