Re: rivet patterns on the left & right side panel sections on CGW 1923 steel ARA boxcar

Michael Aufderheide



I agree that transcription is a very valuable tool the prototype modeler.  I have three Monon logs logged into excel which makes it very easy to sort the entries to see trends in car type, road names, contents, loads/empties, and destination.  The car cards on my layout are much more reflective of history than they would have been otherwise.


One caution: don't take the logs too literally, or at least understand the context they reflect.  For example, the logs I have are from a conductor low on the seniority list at the time.   He was on more than his fair share of extra trains and mine runs which skew this particular data. 


That having been said, it is always a pleasure to look through them knowing they show (part of) a reality I am trying to duplicate.




Mike Aufderheide

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