Re: Sunshine Response to Request for Replacement of Wrong Parts in Three Kits


Nelson – You need to realize that even if the kit had an unlimited guarantee, at this stage of the business only the dregs of castings are in stock and most kits are out of production with no current hope of reruns.  Without Marin’s knowledge and expertise the chances of even finding the parts are miniscule.  - Al Westerfield

Sent: Friday, May 23, 2014 12:25 PM
Subject: [STMFC] Sunshine Response to Request for Replacement of Wrong Parts in Three Kits

Letter to Sunshine


Kits 34.17 and 34.20 should have been delivered with tongue and groove sides for all six cars. I received three sets of steel riveted sides and three sets of tongue and groove sides. Two of six roofs are incorrect, since two roofs have block type hatch rests on the roof casting, while the other roofs use etched metal angles as hatch rests.


BRE has no cars that match the steel sides supplied. The first BRE steel side reefer was built in 1937, and it had tabbed side sills. The next steel side series was built in 1949-50, and these reefers were 44 feet long. The steel sides supplied are 40 ft. long, and they do not match either of these cars, so I cannot build a prototypical car with the castings you supplied. The 40 foot steel riveted sides supplied in error have the door hinges and tack boards molded on the sides. It is possible that these sides are for kit 34.25 or 34.26, since those are the only steel side cars in the 34 series.


I notified you that running boards were missing from three of these kits. You responded that the running boards were included with the other castings. Since I received the wrong sides for three cars, and three running boards were missing, is it possible that the running board was not part of the steel side castings? Is it possible that the kit with steel sides used an etched Apex steel running board, so no wood running board casting was included with the other castings? In any event, I am missing three wood running boards, I have two incorrect roof castings, and I have the wrong sides for three of five 34.20 kits. I would appreciate it very much if you would send me three running boards, roof castings, and three pairs of tongue and groove sides for kit 34.20 so I can complete these models. If the proper tongue and groove replacement sides are not available, please confirm the prototype for the steel sides that I have, and supply the remaining parts necessary to complete the kit, including three running boards. If parts for the steel side kit are not available, please send three sets of the proper decals for the steel side kit. If none of these options is possible, I would like to choose three kits from your remaining inventory to replace the kits that I won’t be able to complete because the proper parts were not supplied.


Response from Sunshine


Dear Dr. Moyer


Enclosed please fine the Sunshine Guarantee. It has a thirty day limitation. There is nothing further we have to offer you.






Those of you with stashes of kits may be in for nasty surprises if you haven’t already examined them and submitted warranty claims. You would think Sunshine would attempt to correct their kit packing error, since that is NOT a warranty issue. I’m extremely disappointed with the response, and can assure you that I’ve purchased my last Sunshine kit as a result of their unacceptable business practices.


Nelson Moyer

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