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Jim Lancaster

4.2. Re: Impending Cudahy meat reefers.
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Date: Fri May 23, 2014 9:55 am ((PDT))

Guy Wilber wrote:

Tony Thompson:
"By far the most vivid exception, which I cannot begin to explain, was Chateau Martin, which clearly advertised products for years."
The Chateau Martin cars were classed as Type "T" (tank), thus exempt from the advertising prohibition along with Type "L" cars.
Good point, although actually, they were almost all AAR class BMT (a passenger classification), but as you say, they were essentially tank cars.

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Additional information: According to my Chateau Martin roster at,
CMWX 101-105 were class TL (5 cars), 106-153 were class BMT (34 cars) and 154-1009 were class XT (23 cars).

The last BMT car (#153) first appeared in the ORER dated April 1959 while the first XT car (#154) first appeared in the July 1961 ORER. Did something happen during that interval requiring a change in the AAR class designation.

Jim Lancaster

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