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Tony Thompson

Jim Lancaster wrote:

Additional information: According to my Chateau Martin roster at,
CMWX 101-105 were class TL (5 cars), 106-153 were class BMT (34 cars)  and 154-1009 were class XT (23 cars).

The last BMT car (#153) first appeared in the ORER dated April 1959  while the first XT car (#154) first appeared in the July 1961 ORER.  Did something happen during that interval requiring a change in the AAR class designation.

     I have an ORER issue for July 1962, and the BMT class is still listed, so it did not go away (of course, post-1960 matters vanish into the future haze for this list). The XT classification was in existence long before 1961. My own main interest is my modeling year of 1953, for which there were no XT cars in the CMWX roster.
     I might speculate that the change was simply a management decision, similar to what SP did, after years of classing all their ballast-capable cars as MWB; in 1956, they changed both new and old cars of that kind to the AAR class HK. Both classifications remained in force, so it appears to have just been a choice.

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