Re: Are conductor's lists of interest?

Allen Rueter

    It would be very interesting. If you want some help transcribing , I'm sure numerous people would volunteer, including
my self . Many hands will make quick work.  Scan a few pages (1934) and send them my way.

As other have mentioned, you will find short hand, here are some I found in Richard Hendrickson's Yard Book.
Alton C&A CA
and dropping the trailing X
and blank for initials, then car number will be Southern in your case

Allen Rueter
StLouis MO

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I have a cache of conductor train books from the Southern Railway Winston Salem Division spanning 1923-1934.  I have waffled between scanning and translating the contents into Excel spreadsheets. One reason I joined this list is to learn more about cars of this era in order to model one of these trains. These lists cover specific crew, locomotive, cars by road, cargo (type, tons, and destination city), cab, and travel time.

I just wonder how common such info is among historians, and is the info worth the effort to convert to an electronic format? If so, which is more useful?

At some point, I'll donate to the proper archive. For now, they are just fun to peruse and inspire my modeling. Would anyone here care for this info?


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