Re: typical ART wood reefers


Ed - About 15 years ago, I measured the only ART wood reefer I could find - the one at the National Museum of Transport in St Louis - and drew up "O" scale drawings for a Chooch resin model.  The kit was Ultrascale II kit #656. I looked all over south Texas (Rio Grande Valley) and all over the San Luis Valley in Colorado for another ART wood reefer, but only found steel cars out on farms, etc.

The drawings are not complete - I did not draw up the end of the car because I had a good full-on end photo of the prototype.  I did draw the side view, underframe views, and roof view.  PM me a snail-mail address, and I will send copies.

I need to find the ink drawings and send them to the authors of the ART book.  I recall that the plans in the Car Builder's Cyclopedia were by ACF and were for a car that was never built.

There were, as I recall, two major groupings of wood ART cars still in operation in the 1940's.  The one at St Louis was the later-built version.  An earlier version was very similar, but slightly smaller.

Does anyone out there in STMFC land know where another wood ART reefer might be hiding?

A.T. Kott

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