Re: Are conductor's lists of interest?

A&Y Dave in MD

I scanned all 88 pages of first book, May 15-June 9, 1934 at 600dpi. The TIF files, one per page, are 96MB each. I got a png format version down to 10mb. I'll have to batch resize and convert to compressed format to be able to share, probably via jpg. You can see the pencil dents in the paper at the high res :-)

Let me know off list at dbott at if you wish to help transcribe a train's worth (1-2 pages).

I have some practice reading Mr. Snow's handwriting and abbreviations, so I can share some suggestions. I also have a Winston-Salem division seniority list from about that time that I can share so you get crew names right. I also have W-S division ETT's scanned to help with milepost and train number references.

We could tell quite the story when we're done!

Dave Bott

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