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Would terra cotta water and sewage pipe be shipped in gondolas in the 30's-40's? I know that a terra cotta pipe kiln/factory existed on the line I model, and I know Seley composite hoppers brought in the clay from a pit further south on the line.  I have a bunch of F&C Southern Seley hopper kits for incoming, but don't know what cars hauled the finished product at this time.

I was hoping it might be boxcars due to the more fragile nature of terra cotta and a requisite need for packing materials. Boxcar loads are far easier to model!  Maybe they are stronger than that and could go in gons. Any thoughts or pics on carloads of terra cotta pipe in the 30's-40's?


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Bill Keene wrote:

Thanks for sharing how to make pipe loads. I will be doing a few of these for my presently empty gondolas. 

But I have a question… What would you recommend to represent a cast iron pipe with the belled end? These would be about 10-feet in length. 

      I know the kind of pipe you mean, and don't know a good easy way to model it. But the corresponding bell-end concrete pipe is made as a car load by DUHA, and sold in this country by JWD; you can see it at this link:

My experience with DUHA loads is excellent, and JWD offer good service.

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