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Many years ago I picked up a box of English model sewer pipe castings at a train meet. I think these were intended to be English O-gauge (7 mm) accessories. I don't have the packaging anymore, but I seem to remember these as being made by Britians Limited, though they might as easily be Dinky or Corgi. I have one before me now, and in HO it scales out to about 63" long, 15" on the small end, and 18" on the bell end. It is made from some slippery, slightly flexible plastic, possibly similar to that used for Airfix military figures (which don't take paint too well). They snap together nicely. I never used any of them, and they remain in my parts bin for some future scenery project.

There is a lot of cool stuff like this made in Great Britain which we could use. Some web searching might turn up all sorts of bits, as they say over there. For example, I have a really cool hand-cranked OO platform crane which I will surely use someday.

Back in the late 70's I did some piece-work assembly for Dave and Bob Grandt. They paid me .25 each for gluing together plastic air pumps to be used as investments for a brass HOn3 K-37 (Westside, IIRC). I was allowed to keep any defects, and any of them I blew. I eventually saved up enough to fill a Roundhouse gondola entirely with these air pumps. I glued them into a solid blob, sprayed them with rust-colored paint and added some weathering touches. When I ran this car at the club behind my WP diesels, I was met by considerable hostility by some of the members who though it was insulting to steam. ;~)

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