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I'm surprised you are not familiar with the old Front Range PS-1 boxcars. Both the 6' and 8' door kits represented the pre-1950 cars with the blank roof panels on each end. I know these cars leave a lot to be desired, but they can be upgraded using IM parts and Kadee running boards to make something quite presentable.

Yes, the New Haven had 10' PS-1s, as did the D&LW. Some of the NH cars via USRE ended their days on the D&RGW, but that transfer is beyond our era of interest.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

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>> As a kit manufacturer I am reluctant to revisit any of the cars that were offered by
>> Sunshine at this point. The volume of sales would be so hard to predict, which ones
>> would you choose?
>> Pierre Oliver

Pierre I missed out on most new Sunshine kits after 2007...

52.x SSW rebuilds
55.x box cars
57.x box cars
64.x 65.x 73.x rebuilds
77.x NP box cars
82.x Fruehauf trailers

Also I think some popular cars have not been available for a while

21.x ARA 1932 box cars
29.x War Emergency box cars (Martin never did the Wabash car!)
31.x 10'6" steel box cars
32.x postwar 10'0" IH box cars
34.x FGE/BRE/WFE refrigerator cars
37.x Southern double sheathed box cars
39.x Howe truss box cars
40.x double door automobile box cars

Cars I wish for

pre-1950 Pullman Standard "PS-1" box cars
including 10'0" IH PS-1 (New Haven, maybe others, plus second hand owners)

Tim O'Connor

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