Re: Are conductor's lists of interest?

Dave Sarther

Thanks for posting that example of a Conductor's List.  That is the first time I had seen one.  Very valuable piece of history for a serious rail fan/prototype operator.  I hope that others who may have such documents are as willing to share with the group.  I would be especially interested in seeing such a document from the CB&Q in the mid 50's to the mid 60's.  Maybe someone from this group or the CB&Q group would be willing to post something.
Is VT for Virginia Tech?  My daughter-in -law has a masters in music performance from Virginia Tech.  She can plat almost every instrument you hand her as long as she has some sheet music.  She currently works at a college in the Chicago area and I have seen her on stage  playing the piano as accompaniment as well as several percussion instruments.  Amazing talent.
Later,  Dave Sarther    Tucson, AZ

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I posted an example PDF from the conductor train book in the files section (see Southern Railway Trains) folder.  This way any volunteers can use this as a reference.  I hope to provide the transcribed info in that folder later.  Then I can ask about the individual cars and how I might model them.

I have 4 transcription volunteers to-date.  I am tracking who gets what.  Send me a note offlist if you wish to help.

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