Western of Alabama hopper details


Another day, another project …

I’m detailing an Accurail USRA twin hopper as a Western of Alabama car, series 11000-11044.  (They were “clones” built in 1923, not USRA originals.) I’ve seen the broadside photo in Bob Karig’s hopper book, so now I’m interested in the details on the B end: brake wheel, hand brake, brake step, cut lever, retainer valve. Can anyone direct me to a photo showing the B end, or a diagram book?

As a fallback, the other Georgia Group roads had hoppers with the same dimensions: Atlanta & West Point 31000-31054, Georgia Railroad 21000-21049. I suspect the three roads may have split an order, and A&WP 31100-31124 were very similar. Photos of these series may serve.

Thanks in advance,

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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