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You could even apply a rank order correlation test to the actual and observed values to show that they match statistically, although the evidence was fairly clear. I'll have to go through your other posts. Interesting stuff!


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Larry Castle wrote:

Several years ago I scanned and posted a number of conductors train lists and put them in the photos section. Below is one example but it appears Yahoo changed the size making the images useless or I am not viewing them correctly. I can replace them if I know the requirements. 
I scanned each page and put them in the photo section at: Now screwed up by Yahoo

         A couple of years ago, when Larry had first posted these time book pages, I went through them and collected various information I could use in my own modeling of the SP Coast Line. I reported on the highlights of my findings in a series of blog posts. One, with a link to an earlier one, is at this link:

I hope this illustrates one kind of use that can be made of these sorts of data.

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