Re: open car loads (pipe sections with flared ends)

John Barry


Thanks for the general link.  The finding aid indicates several additional off line loaded freight cars and a series of photos of "Loading crane broken through dock of Pittsburg, Calif. Santa Fe R.R. crane leased for recovery."  I wonder if they show the idler flat/boom car?  

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Redwood, with its natural resistance to deterioration, was often used
for underground pipe in the Far West.

An comprehensive set of photos from the Redwood Manufacturers Company
Plant in Pittsburg, Calif is on-line at the California Digital Library...;developer=local;style=oac4;doc.view=items

including AT&SF FT-G #93264 with a quite full flared-end pipe load:

Loaded PRR GRa #337448 and AT&SF Box #9281 with straight
wire-wrapped sections appear in:

I have seen Sanborn map notations where underground redwood pipe was used;
and Bay Area construction projects are STILL digging this stuff up...
~100 years after it was placed!

Richard Brennan - San Leandro CA

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