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Bill I wish someone would make the pipes in resin.  The dimensions of the pipe and the ends are available on line by googling cast iron pipe.  The mechanical joint appears to be the most common pipe joint in the 1950's for water and sewer plants.  If you model the south or have cars from there you would have seen lots of gons of this stuff back then.
From what I understand and I don't have any facts but the structural tile pipe and other shapes used for storm drains and foundation drains and chimney liners were carried mostly by truck.  However I am sure some went by rail.  I just don't have any documents for that
Fenton Wells

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Hi Ed and Group,

A number of years ago, I pulled down of a web site an image of SLSF 85954, a USRA composite gondola, loaded with what appears to be cast iron pipe of about — guessing here — 18-feet in length. There are partial images of similar cars coupled to both ends of this car also loaded with cast iron pipe. The date of the photo is given as 1958, which could be considered as a fairly late date for a USRA car to be in service. My plan is to model this car and load. 

I doubt that anyone would walk away carrying one of these lengths of pipe. 

Bill Keene
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 Henry Maywald told me he saw a Rio Grande stock car loaded with terra cotta tiles here on Long Island in the '50s.


I don't think anything of value that could be carried away would be shipped in open top cars.


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