Re: Testors [Was: Did I Ruin It?]

Tony Thompson

'Andrew Miller' wrote:

The good news-bad news is that according to my LHS Rustoleum/Testors is sending Dullcote the way of Floquil, Pactra, Testors and all the other brands we had relied on. They seem to believe that anything a model railroader needs can be bought in a large size spray can of Rustoleum L So we won't have this probem much longer.

     Hmm. This contradicts what I hear at MY own LHS. What I heard is, Testors is EXPANDING the line of spray can paint colors, under the Testors name, not cutting it back. Supply of Dullcote etc. remains strong.
      Can anyone tell us more? Rumor is the bane of topics like this.

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