Re: Did I Ruin It?

Dennis Storzek

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"The whitening is caused by moisture condensing and is called gun blush. As solvent evaporates it draws heat away from everything in the vicinity of the coating. When the coating temperature goes below the dew point moisture condenses on it, sometimes causing spots and sometimes whitening the entire coating."

The problem is, this didn't happen when he sprayed the Dullcoat, but rather when he coated it later with alcohol. Mike Rose, who inhabits some of the post 1960 modeling forums, advocates this as a weathering technique.

My own experience years ago is methyl alcohol (wood alcohol) would make Dullcoat blush for sure, but isopropyl would not, if used sparingly... but this was some years ago, and the formulation of Dullcoat may have changed. I don't recall if I ever successfully revered the process.

 Dennis Storzek

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