Re: Did I Ruin It?

Tim O'Connor

Whatever brand of paint that Athearn applies to models made in China will
blush in the presence of isopropyl alcohol. Branchline models will not blush
but the paint will wash away if you're not careful. Accurail models stand up
to a gentle alcohol wash and you can get some nice streaking effects from
the lettering.

In other words I thought this whole "blushing" business was deliberate! You
can get some really great weathering results with alcohol washes.

I haven't tried methyl alcohol directly, but I think there is some present in
so-called "denatured" ethanol. These two (isopropyl and denatured) are my
favorites for weathering washes.

Tim O'Connor

My own experience years ago is methyl alcohol (wood alcohol) would make Dullcoat blush for sure, but isopropyl would not, if used sparingly... but this was some years ago, and the formulation of Dullcoat may have changed. I don't recall if I ever successfully revered the process.

Dennis Storzek

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