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Paul Hillman

Schuyler, thanks for the response. Found it new & interesting about etching with vinegar & salt. What kind of vinegar? (Type of salt = sodium chloride / "table salt"?)
Sounds like this replaces having to sand-blast.
Thanks, Paul Hillman

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How many members are there on this list? That's about how many methods
there are, I suspect.

But, for me, once I'm sure there's no clearcoat on the model and I'm really
dealing with brass as my surface to paint . . .

I wash it vigorously, soap and water, then rinse until I'm really bored with
that, hot water will get any soap off. Then etch the surface in vinegar
with salt added to a saturated solution. Doesn't take long, maybe 15-20
minutes. Rubber gloves from here on.

I prime it with Scalecoat 1, first, and bake it per the directions. Maybe
140-150 degrees for a half hour plus. This will give you a rock-hard glossy
surface. Then the finish coat, or coats as the case may be, and bake those

For masking, I use Scotch 3M 218 Fine Line tape, cut to fit around any
protuberances. Cover any gaps in the taping with rubber cement, or
MicroScale's Micro-.Mask There's been a ton printed about how to remove the
tape, pulling it back so it's coming off the model at a 178 degree angle (as
near to 180 as you can manage) so you're minimizing the perpendicular pull
on the paint.


Flat coat.*



*There's been a bit of whining about the demise of Dullcoat. Not from me.
I say "Finally." I have for years used a flat photo lacquer, which is DEAD
flat. If you remember Kar-Line models, which came with paint approximating
the finish on your new car, photo flat lacquer would turn Kar-Line cars into
presentable, weatherable layout scenery in one coat. They were usually
Athearn Blue Box models, hence "scenery" models. I bought a gallon of
McDonald's Photo Flat Lacquer around 1985. Thinned to a ratio of about 5:1
thinner/lacquer, it sprays very nicely and really works far better than
Dullcoat. And I still have a LOT left.


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I have an unpainted brass car that I've had for a few years and I'm getting
around to painting it.

It's been quite a while since I painted a brass car. Wondering what are the
best current methods?

In the past I have baked on a primer, then sparyed the final colors. There's
always problems with paint adherence to handrails and corners / edges of

I've tried "Blacken-It" on brass parts but it doesn't adhere
"super-strongly". Of course blasting & cleaning are first required.

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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