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How much would a Duryea Cushion Underframe add to the length of a car? I know the Santa Fe had some boxcars with these. I'm looking photos of some Duryea-equipped D&RGW 68000 and 67500 boxcars in Jim Eager's Color Guide, and the running board certainly does extend a bit further than most other boxcars. Hmmm. I didn't notice this before, and so my model of a 67500 series car is wrong.

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Yes that's a good point, these were all Shock Control cars.

Tim O'Connor

>Did that car have extended draft gear/cushioning? I have been looking at PRR box cars, and they all seem to be around 6" for "standard" draft gear, but longer on cars with extended draft gear or cushioning, and of course, on cars with end doors. There seems to have been some intent to make the gap between r/b's on coupled cars as small as possible, recognizing when the coupler got pushed in (like during coupling?), or when they were going around tight curves, they did not want to r/b's to touch. They also seem to have gotten even longer on really long box cars, but that may be for another list...
>Elden Gatwood

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