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Benjamin Hom

Rob Kirkham wrote:
"I think the interesting bit to me is that I had not heard of James Lane’s articles, nor those of Gary Rausch and Bob Johnson or Amerine until this discussion in this list. Each of those was published in a journal that was unknown to me back in the 1970s. I spent a few years there colleting back issue of MR and RMC, but that still didn’t give me awareness of other periodicals. In fact, I’m not sure when I first became aware of historical societies with publications – but it would have been in the 1980s.
It makes me think just how much easier it is to discover these things today."
This illustrates how difficult it was at first for prototype modeling to get traction - the major magazines at the time wouldn't touch this stuff during this era of "Olde Frothingslosh", so it fell to alternate venues to break the ice - minor magazines such as Protoype Modeler and its predecessors (e.g., Western Prototype Modeler, Santa Fe Modeler), historical society publications, and in the case of one extensive Jack Amerine treatise on the AAR boxcar design, a photocopied journal called something to the effect of "Modeler and Gaming History.  Credit definitely is due to the editorial staff at Railroad Model Craftsman in the mid-1970s, who took a chance with material such as Dennis Storzek's boxcar improvement article, the early NEB&W articles, and the Protofile series on modeling specific cars and locomotives.  This did a lot to give this thing called prototype modeling mainstream exposure.
Ben Hom

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