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Rob & Bev Manley


My default flat finish is Model Masters Acrylic Flat. It was a little less expensive than the Polyscale. I also have been testing  Liquitex Acrylic Matte Medium. Both work well as a flat finish base and final overcoat (if needed) for PanPastels.  I have also  with Blue Label Artist Flat Fixative but got mixed results. This was possibly due to spraying in a cold damp basement this winter. What I am trying to find is an economical alternative to hobby brands.


Rob Manley


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One little crack and the alcohol can wick under and eat the decal. Solvoset is  diluted isopropanol.


I've had some bad experiences with thin film decals.


Is dullcote the current standard for flat finishes? Anyone use anything else?


Ed Mines

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