Re: Painting HO Scale Brass


Hi Paul,


    Since you mention driving to Oklahoma for Scalecoat might I suggest a visit to Whistle Stop Trains
at 1313 West Britton Rd. in Oklahoma City. That is Ed Birch's operation and I expect you would find him

as good to work with as a number of us have over the years. I have never met Ed but have purchased a

number of items from him over the years and always been satisfied in doing so. Another New England

raised friend who lived in nearby Shawnee for some years before retirement was always very pleased with

the service received there as well. Things have reached the point where good hobby shops are hard to find.

Don't know what the problem is with shipping Scalecoat to Texas but you might also trying going to

Walthers or direct to Scalecoat for it to see if they can overcome the issues. I'm wondering if Texas is

the problem or if it might be new postal regulations. If teh latter just use those of us who

participate in shooting sports now have to for live ammunition as well.


Good luck, Don Valentine

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