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Charles Morrill

All the other model railroad paint brands (Floquil, Polyscale, Testers, etc.) are or have been available in Texas hobby shops and Walthers and Micro-Mark have shipped these paints to Texas (via UPS or FedEx).  I’ve had no trouble getting Scalecoat sent here from out of state stores that carry it (Walthers excepted) or bringing it home from out-of-state myself (No guards at the Texas border stopping cars searching for bottles of Scalecoat.).  The Whistle Stop in OKC was where I most recently purchased some bottles of Scalecoat and he will ship the paint to Texas. 

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Subject: RE: [STMFC] Painting HO Scale Brass

Order your Scalecoat direct.>>


One could try that, but . . . . . ., specifically states they can not ship to Texas, which was the original poster’s (and his LHS owner’s comment).


If any distributor/hobbyshop etc. is aware of the restriction, I doubt they would ship either – too much risk of running afoul of Texas law.


Wonder why Texas won’t allow the import of these paints into Texas . . . .


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