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Eric Lombard

My first scratch built car, built about 1958-9 when I was 15 was inspired by John Allan - a couple of inches of the rear end of a passenger car mounted on a flat car with a deck full of "junk". Weathered, of course. No prototype, of course. I still have it. John's work inspired me off the plywood, away from the plastic, into a search for plans and photos, and into experiment. I have always thought of his efforts as novel and transformative, not only for me but for the hobby in general.

Eric Lombard
Homewood, IL

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As a humorous aside, my first scratch built car as a teenager was a hopper car made entirely out of balsa wood. It was so light, it wouldn't roll any distance at all on its Lindberg trucks, but it did better with a full load. I doubt if it lasted for long and probably looked hideous. Those were the days of blissful ignorance, but at least it was a step down the path.
Eric N.
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  At a time when we were not spoiled by availability and existence of model railroad rolling stock,locomotives,structures,bridges,track etc. as we are today,a man named John Allen showed us that these items could be built inspiring modelers to higher standards .They may not have all been proto typically accurate but neither is a lot of RTR stuff today which we have to modify depending on how much of a stickler we are about prototype accuracy.

  He was a major influence in modeling methods and skills,he gave me the inspiration to start hand-laying track due to cost and appearance of commercial track available,also kit and scratch building.

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