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Schuyler Larrabee

If you look around on the ERIE/DL&W/EL section of the Fallen Flags site, there are a couple of diagram books available, and I believe you can find the diagram for this series of cars.  The diagram does say that the running boards and brake step are US Gypsum.




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In the end photo, the brake step looks lighter-colored than the end. Was the step unpainted too? That would look neat on a model.


In the "B" end ACF builder's photo there's no doubt that the brake step of Erie 95000 was unpainted galvanized steel (U.S. Gypsum). The ACF bill of materials typically don't say much, if anything, about running boards and brake steps. So we're at the mercy of photos to use as a guide.

The collection of ACF bills of materials is available for review at the St. Louis Mercantile Library for cars built from 1931 through 1952 (lot numbers 1200 to about 3700). A few are missing, but the collection is largely complete for this range of time.
Ed Hawkins

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