A day late and a dollar short

John Barry

Working on something else, I came across a picture of a Linde Box Tank  http://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/uploads/r/null/9/2/926272/55d377d1-88c4-4a63-8249-8c94b9f8d466-A28817.jpg and was thinking of how to model what looked like a modified 1932 AAR car with strengthened underframe.  I was going to ask the advice of the group, but decided to check the archives first.  Neo is a bit frustrating, as I never did see the Linde posts that were part of the "Most needed car thread."  But Lester Breuer's request for truck help led me to most of my answers.  It listed both a kit, Sunshine 95.2, and a reference, RPC 14.  I happen to have the latter for the MP rebuilds, I should read the rest of the story . . . I did not see a response to Lester's truck inquiry, Lester, I hope you got an answer.  Having just read the Cryogenic Box article (Thank you Pat Wilder) I now have yet another reason to lament the passing of Martin Loften and the demise of Sunshine.  Now to put up the auto search for a 95.1 that will fit my era of 1944.

John Barry, wishing I'd had this awakening a decade or two earlier.

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