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Yes, it is a Duryea underframe, but looking at the photo, I would agree with John that this is not a standard underframe as the outer two cross-bearers are much larger than the inner two and were not typical of those used on the many Duryea underframes under B&O box cars. The Duryea underframe for a 40-ft box car usually had four cross-bearers all of the same size.


Bob Witt, Indianapolis, IN

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John Barry wrote:
"Working on something else, I came across a picture of a Linde Box Tank
and was thinking of how to model what looked like a modified 1932 AAR car with strengthened underframe."

Look again - it's not a "strengthened" underframe!  It's a Duryea cushion underframe.  This photo provides a nice look of the spotting features: deep cross members; slightly extended draft gear, and the unique "lower" mounting of the brake components.  You can even make out the sliding center sill.

Ben Hom 

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