Re: The Irony of Cyanoacrylate

Aley, Jeff A



               Yes, the Loctite cap appears to help to keep the tube open.  I have not experienced any clogs with Loctite ACC.







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I was not familiar with the Microscale product—available since 2011—and found this video about it:


I believe Loctite also makes a product that can be used with Engineering Plastics as well but I cannot put my hands on it the moment.


Regarding my complaint about the slippery tips accumulating ACC, I am meticulous about wiping the tips clean, as well as squeezing the lower sides of the tube to encourage the ACC to receed back into the tube. The problem with buildup seems to begin about halfway into the life of tube when for whatever reason the ACC becomes harder to coax back down into the tube.


I could not tell from the responses. Do the Loctite tubes have something inside the cap that minimizes buildup of residue or help keep the tip open?


Bill Welch

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