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Brian Carlson

Ron: These cars are of interest to me also. Back in March I picked up a Photo from Bob of LV 32667 taken on January 8, 1959 in Danville Va. On the back is also FLV4. Car was reweighed P 3-57 and repainted at the same time. Car is in good condition, good paint, side boards are not all ratty. It’s carrying a load of some  fabricated steel items but the photo is shot from trackside so I can’t really say what the load is. Photo was probably by the Colonel. Car isn’t even that weathered.


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Reference RPCyc 28.  I was looking at the roster of the 52'6" war emergency gons, and it seems the only group of cars not substantially or entirely having the wood lining replaced with steel was the LV 32600 series.  I'm trying to avoid the railroads where a few cars escaped the upgrade, since I'm trying to avoid oddballs and sometimes there are reasons why a few cars escaped rebuilding, such as being in defacto work service or otherwise not exactly interchange material.

Do I understand this right, that the LV cars didn't get the lining replaced?  Have I missed a good candidate?  And were the LV cars actually still in interchange service as mill gons by 1960?

Here's my motivation.  A few years ago I picked up a Tichy war emergency gon, before I realized that so many of them had been modified.  I've since done a couple of the F&C cars that actually model the steel-replaced versions, but I'd still like to do something with this one.

Ron Merrick


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