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The GN ICC valuation report dated 6/30/15 has a special equipment section identified as "duty paid" and used by roads in Canada. Included are 744 freight cars with numbers in the 300000s. All appear to be U.S. built.
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"Would a Canadian Railroad partially owned by a US carrier (50% NYC) such as the TH&B freight cars be subject to the same interchange rules and CN and CP our other wholly Canadian railroads. The Canada Southern also comes to mind."


If I understand the issue correctly, it was not who owned the railroad, but specifically whether US import duties had been paid on the freight cars. Assuming Canadian line used Canadian built equipment, they were allowed one trip into the US to deliver a load, and then the car had to return empty, or else they owed duty on the freight equipment they "imported" to conduct their business.

I seem to recall this was the reason for the Canadian Pacific forming the International of Maine Div., which was equipped with US built equipment which could run in normal interchange service in the US without problem.

Dennis Storzek

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