Re: IC gondolas 97250-97999

Ray Breyer

I found a photo of IC gondola 97820 on p. 248 of Slow Trains Down South Vol. 1. 
It appears to be an 8 panel gon with flat ends.  Can anyone provide more photos
or information on this series?  The photo was taken in 1954 but my April, 1949
ORER doesn't show this series whereas the January, 1952 ORER does show it.  I'm
assuming it may be a rebuild?
Robert Oom
Kalamazoo, MI
Hi Robert,
IC 97250-97999 were rebuilds of 1922-built drop-bottom composite gondolas, grabbed at random from the 203700-208199 number groups. The cars were rebuilt with steel sides at McComb in 1943, and originally numbered in the 89000-89999 series. They were rebuilt again at Centralia in 1950, and renumbered into various places in the 97250-97999 series (by this time the IC's car roster was sort of a mess, with small batches of cars and incomplete number series everywhere). Several of the cars were used as bulk mineral container carriers.
Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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