Re: Tropicana in the 1950s

D. Scott Chatfield

Craig Zeni wrote:

Is there any evidence that prior to their insulated/mechanical cars of the late 1960s that Trop used ice reefers? Bill Welch indicated to me that he thought Trop used FGEX cars; a friend in Lakeland FL thinks he recalls seeing orange cars with Tropic Anna on them in the 50s. It's alluded to in the Wikipedia article (duly taken with a grain of rock salt) that some concentrate was shipped by rail in the 50s (and 60s) but I'm trying to establish if there were Trop-painted cars prior to the mechanicals later of Juice Train fame.

I was under the impression that Tropicana mostly used intracoastal shipping for their orange juice shipments from Tampa to the Northeast, which would have been most of their business. Maybe that was before WW2, but I thought that was the case into the '70s. But I don't recall seeing any other cars with Tropicana logos in the 1945-1970 period.

Scott Chatfield

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