Re: NYC 710648

Seth Lakin

>Can any of you NYC guys help me with some modeling info for the NYC 710648?  
John, There is not model of the NYC lot 702-G gondolas. If you want to truly recreate the model, I would start with the Proto 2000 52'6" Greenville gondola, sand off the ribs and start with styrene strips archer rivet decals for new ribs. The overall dimensions are fairly close. I would have to dig one of my kits out, but I believe that the kits came with two styles of ends, one of which matches the 702-G end. Decals, here again there is not a set that I know of that are a exact match, but could be pieced together from Komar HO-325 NYC War Emergency Gons (lot 723-G) or CDS 537 NYC 52' Gon (lot 791-G) dry transfers.
As for class designations, there was none on the NYC, only lot numbers.
Seth Lakin
Michigan City IN
NYCSHS Modeler's Committee Member

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