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Additional to Dave’s notes, 82000-82199 were built in1951 at Havelock as GM-4 and had the same dimensions as the later GM-4A.


82200-82549 and 82550-83139 were class GM-4A built at Havelock in 1955 and 1957-8 respectively.  82346-82355 had wooden flooring for the Atomic Energy Commission instead of a nailable steel floor.  26 GM-4A’s were rebuilt in 1959-60 with sides and ends 12 inches higher (now 4’ 6”) and removable sectional roofs, and were reclassed GM-4C.  82200-82239 (except 82219 and 82223) were rebuilt in 1968 with the sides and ends raised 2”.

A further 10 cars 23150-23159 classed GM-4B were built in 1957-8 with 4’ 6” sides, with removable sectional roofs.


You could also look for photos of two other classes of cars to help you – GM-4D 83150-83249 and GM-4F 83250-83299 built in 1959 and 1962 respectively – that were identical to the GM-4A but with the higher 4’ 6” sides similar to the GM-4C’s.


If you want the construction appearance as opposed to the paint scheme, a large number of GM-4’s and GM-4A’s made it to BN, number series 566200-566399, 574600-574639, 556700-556774, 558000-558003, and 575800-575814.


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The closest ORER I have to the year 1958 that shows that car series is a 1964 ORER. 

  • The earlier ORER I have from 1955 doesn't show that series of cars existed at the time that the info was sent by the CB&Q to ORER.  It only lists the #82000-82199 gondola series cars which were drop end, steel bottom gondolas. 
  • The 1964 ORER shows that series #82200-83139 were steel side cars with solid ends and steel floors.  These cars were 52' 6" long, 9' 6"wide and 3' 6" high inside.  Outside they were 55' 1" long and 10' 4" wide and 7' 4" at the extreme outside height (whale belly center).  In 1964 there were still 200 cars from the series on the roster. 
  • Note "O" from that 1964 ORER explains that individual numbers are specifically equipped with removable sectional roofs and differ in dimensions and capacity from other cars in the same series.  These cars are #'s: 82297, 82471, 82571, 83006,83105, 83112, 83115 and 83125.


For photos I found one of a well used CB&Q  #82253 by Dan Holbrook taken at Congress Park along the "Q" triple track main line in Mike Spoor's book CB&Q Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment on page 89.  The caption reads: " On July 5, 1975 CB&Q #82253 rolls past the passenger shelter at Congress Park. It was built in 1955 at Havelock as one of 350 Class GM-4A gondolas (#82200- #82594)  with solid ends, an inside length of 52' 6" and a capacity of 1,761 cu ft." 


This photo in Spoor's book shows #82253 with an interesting insert but it is not described as one of the group with a roof from Note O described above.  Perhaps someone else from the list has more info about what is shown inside #82253.


I would also suggest a search for CB&Q #82253 or any other number from the #82200-83139 series cars on Google:  www.rrpicturearchives.net  or  http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2349724


Later,  Dave Sarther



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Look for a book or  photo's on gon's in the 50"s .Namely CB&Q 82200 , NYC 705000, Soo 7501, IBH 6000 etc. series car. I have a list of about 10 different railroad to try and find. Trying to match car numbers with photo's so I can find models of these car to add to my 1958 car fleet. Car are off a dispatcher sheet's from 58 hot box report. Thanks for any help on where to look for this.

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