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Don i agree the only potental savings would be for juce frozen at florda and kept frozen in nj for the offseason. Yes i did drink caned oj it was better than instant tea that my folks liked to drink.

mark rickert
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Com'on Bruce, Guess I missed any mention Bill made of the concentrate being shipped frozen. That, however, seem like quite a waste of corporate funds. And what does distance have to do with it? Milk was shipped in GPEX milk tank cars from Wisconsin to Florida in the 1920's, taking far more time than the average milk train to Boston, New York or Chicago took, and changed only a degree or two in temperature over the entire journey. If it could be done with milk it could be done with OJ and was for a number of years WITHOUT refrigeration. I'm surprised Tropicana survived such a waste of corporate funds and wonder what their bottom line would have looked like without such a waste. They apparently took little note of what others had already done. Cordially, Don Valentine

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