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The Steamtown collection is a great resource, and it's huge. The goal is to make the entire collection public somehow. There is an NPS portal through which some of the images are being added, and when it's ready to go public it will be announced.

The person most responsible for the collection, and has done an incredible job or organizing the volunteers and interns who have scanned more than 20k glass-plate-negatives, and cataloging more than an acre of file boxes, more than 100,000 rolled maps and drawings, years of train dispatcher sheets, is Steamtown historian Pat McKnight, at Pat_McKnight@....  This project that Pat has led and cultivated for several years is historically priceless. And collections have attracted other collections which has created perhaps the biggest accumulation of late 19th and early 20th Century business records available. The personal coorespondence of Sam Sloan and William Truesdale are among the DL&W stuff. Sloan had been president, officer or principle of more than 30 railroads during his life, from the Lackawanna in the East to a component of the Green Bay & Western. Sloan, Iowa, was named for him. If ever there was a subject for book-like treatise.

Please don't think or perpetuate any thinking that NPS has chosen the EL group as an outlet. Officially, the NPS will make the collection public. The EL list contains the largest concentration of Lackawanna and Erie historians and former employees available, so Historian McKnight on his own time shares five images daily so that this body of experts can opine and help identify the locations of the images. The feedback that comes from the list is added to the NPS database and spread sheets, information that will outlast all of us. The images are primarily to document construction or injury scenes, so the inclusion of freight equipment is usually incidental unless the injury occurred on the equipment.

While it's not currently easy to handle requests for images, be patient, as public display of this archive is a high priority. The Erielack archive link posted in another note should whet the whistle for those interested in the 1908-WWI-era freight cars.

Hope this helps                  ....Mike Del Vecchio

President, Tri-State Chapter NRHS (one of the groups supplying volunteers and a big part of the DL&W archive material now housed at Steamtown)

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Thanks, Ray... I wonder that it appears as if the NPS has selected the EL list as a publication site. Seams a bit odd to me. Nothing against the EL, but my experience is that government organizations generally curate and make available their holdings via their own publication process.  I have emailed the curator at Steamtown whose name is on the photos to see if there is a way to directly access the collection. Also pinged my daughter who is an NPS ranger at Grand Canyon to see if she can find out. Eric

Eric Lombard
Homewood, IL

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>>Can someone share a URL for direct access the Steamtown image collection?

>>Probably I missed something but could not find a link on the Steamtown website.
>Eric Lombard
>Homewood, IL

Hi Eric,

As far as I know, the entire collection is being posted to the EL list, five a day.

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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