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Yes, you hit the scene pretty much on the head. This is West 1st Street in Oswego and the date range in this series of negs is 1918. That SL&N sign appears in photos taken a few years before as well. 

While the collection is rich in imagery, there is very little information with it other than the occasional negative that contains a location or date. The photographer's notebooks were not included.  Too, there were simultaneous photos being taken by any of the three photographers at times, so the sequential negative numbers sometimes bounce around between locations.

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For what it's worth, a sign near the intersection in pic # C4649 says SL&N R R / LIMITED CARS / STOP HERE. Google didn't give me any info on a railroad or interurban named SL&N. The cross street appears to be named MURRAY ST, and the main is W. FIRST ST. West First runs alongside a river, and there appears to be a lock in the river in picture C4647. Also, in C4648 a torn paper stapled to a pole has the number 1915 on it. Could be the year, or could an address. Might be a flyer for the county fair.

There is a google hit for an E. Sayer & Son Grocery in Oswego, New York. Started in 1973 by Edward Sayer, his grandson Frank ran the business in later years. And sure enough, there is a Murray Street that intersects West First Street alongside the Oswego River, right at a bend in West First.

Now we backtrack to looking for interurban railroads that served the area and find a Syracuse Lake Shore & Northern, which is likely the SL&N on the sign. A Wiki page says the SL&N was formed in 1905 and in 1913 merged with two other lines to form the Empire United Railways, which in 1916 was renamed the Empire State Railroad. It was abandoned in 1931.

So I'm pretty sure the photo was taken in Oswego, New York, but exactly when I can't say.

Hopefully Mr. Larrabee will forward this to Mr. McKnight.

Fun fun

Scott Chatfield

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